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About An Olivia Twist

An Olivia Twist is the story of a young girl who takes a chance and discovers a world much bigger than her own. A man who, obsessed with helping others, neglects the one who needs him the most. And friends, who discover the joy of showing Christ's love to those around them. It's the story of Oliver... with a Twist.'

About ImagiChristian Studios

For the last few years our family has been making films. We have made feature films, short films, commercials, and a documentary. Our vision is to make children's films that influence the next genereration for Christ. Children are our future, but in our modern culture they are bombarded by subtle influences that shape who they become. Our goal is to make films that parents can feel good about, knowing that we are encouraging their children to become the men and women that God wants them to be.

About the Production

In August of 2013, an idea was formed for the film that would become An Olivia Twist. After several months of preproduction we began shooting in May of 2014. In October we sucessfully completed the China stage of production. Currently we are working on shooting a second stage of production in the United States. If all goes as planned, the film is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2015.

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