About the Cast

Caleb Johnson - Bill Sikes

Born and raised a wealthy heir, Bill knew nothing of the world but luxury and splendour. That is until he met Nancy, a servant girl in the Sikes' household.

Esther Johnson - Olivia Twist

Sent to the Playhouse, (a boarding school for wealthy girls) at a young age, Olivia has never known a family. Starved for love and affection, she tries to find her way in a big world.

Hannah Johnson - Nancy Sikes

A servant girl in love with a wealthy heir, Nancy thought she had a dream romance. But two years later, Nancy is discovering just how hard marriage can be.

Joshua Johnson - Jack "Doleful Snoozer" Dawkins

A veteren of the streets, Jack recieved his nickname from an unusual propensity to fall asleep on the job. With a hat on his head, and a lemonade bottle in his hand, Snoozer roams the streets seeking out anyone who might need a helping hand.

Rachel Johnson - Charlotte Bates

Known for her cheerful laugh, and ever-ready smile, Charlotte is Snoozer's more vivacious "sidekick"

Caleb Johnson - Laurence Fagin

An enigmatic gentleman, Fagin has dedicated his life to helping others. Having taken in as many orphans as he can find, Fagin somehow manages to feed and clothe them, and together they set about making the world a better place.
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