This page will be home to a variety of videos, including trailers, behind the scenes featurettes, and interviews.

Atmospheric Lighting Test

A short test video using smoke and halogen lights to achieve a dream effect without digital effects.

Behind-the-Scenes Day 9

This is a BTS video from our first day of shooting in Cheyenne, WY.

Behind-the-Scenes Day 7

This is a BTS video from our Fagin's hideout scenes.

If any of you are wondering, PBO Live is the name we came up with for our (nonexistant) broadcasting company. It comes from one of our friends named P. B. Olive (a.k.a. PBO). He was always giving a play-by-play of whatever situation we were in, so we came up with PBO Live Broadcasting to honour him. Now we (especially the little kids) use it whenever they are interviewed.
Just thought some of you might be wondering. :)

Promotional Trailer 1

This is a video shot in 2013, before the film was shot. It was designed to get people interested in the film before our production this summer.

Food, American Food - Music Video

Sorry for the wait, but I'm waiting on my new virtual instrument software to do the music for this video. You can't pass up world-class Stradivari, can you?

COMING (not so) SOON

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